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Master Event Design

Learn fundamental mechanics and advanced hands-on techniques of luxury event design and how to attract luxury clients, produce breathtaking experiences, become the toastmaster of your city, and much more! This online wedding and event design course will launch your career in wedding and event design and decor.

$4,495.00 (USD)


The events industry has gone through a restructuring, and most venues now require a professional planner or designer to have professional training and certifications to be granted access to their facility as an approved vendor. This quality increase has resulted from the pandemic and the need to elevate quality standards at every level. Since then, the events industry has seen an extraordinary rebound with record-breaking highs. Event planning and design professionals are experiencing double and even triple numbers for booked events and revenue.

Ready to join a 70-billion-dollar industry that offers exciting careers all over the world? Trained professionals work for event agencies, hotels, and private corporations and can even launch their own businesses due to their professional training.

This multi-approach event designer course offers you the ability to expand into luxury event planning and design with hands-on training, real-world experience, and on-the-job learning to prepare for a career in luxury events. The training program encompasses industry leaders who share their strategies, trade secrets, and technical know-how, so you are knowledgeable, skilled, and confident to pass the exam and launch your career.







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